Saturday, November 20, 2010

Outdoor Hour...Maple Trees

We don't have any maple trees in the yard to study.  So, there are two beautiful maples on one of the roads near our house.  I stopped while we were out one day and picked several of the leaves for close-up observation.  The leaves were beautiful and I knew the little ones would do a great job replicating the colors.  They both tried to draw the leaves, but decided they wanted me to trace the leaves like I was doing for LouLou.  Here are the beautiful, bright drawings of the maple leaves...
Bo decided to color his maple leaf using the colored pencils.
Boo used chalk pastels.  He colored the one I traced on the left and he drew and colored the one on the right in springtime colors.
LouLou wanted to color a pretty leaf too, she loves using chalk pastels.

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Phyllis said...

The leaves in their journals are beautiful