Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preschool Nature Activity

I made colored egg cartons for my boys about 4 years ago.  I ran across the one that we had left and decided it would be a great nature study activity for LouLou our three year old.  She usually tags along during regular nature study, but this time I let the activity be just for her.  It was great entertainment for about 15 minutes outside and 10 minutes inside when we drew what she had found.

I found this activity in an old Family Fun magazine several years ago.  You will need one egg carton, twelve different colors of craft paint, and a paint brush.  Paint a different shade of paint inside the twelve different holes for the eggs.  After the paint is dry, its nature walk time.

We took a walk in our yard and LouLou found items to match each color painted inside her egg carton.  This activity was so much fun that her brothers went along and helped a lot.  They remembered how much fun they had had with their egg carton several years ago.

Here's Lou Lou outside enjoying the "her school time".  (Blogger is rotating a few of my pictures and I don't know why)

After we came inside, Mommy and LouLou drew inside our nature notebook.  We labeled what we had found and the beautiful colors of the items.

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