Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour Challenge 30...Weeds and Seeds

We all really enjoyed this challenge.  There are lots of flowers and weeds going to seed in our yard right now, so this was perfect timing for us.  The boys and I walked around and gathered a variety of plants that had gone to seed.

The boys hands were full as we made our way back into the house to investigate our findings.  We placed a white piece of paper on the table and dissected the flowers over the paper so we could easily see the seeds.

The boys really enjoyed looking for the seeds.  We had to look a few of the flowers up on the internet to make sure they could identify the seeds.
We found seeds for...
a sunflower


purple careful these dried flowers have spikes that will poke
morning glory

They taped the seeds into their nature notebooks and wrote the names of the seeds beside the tape.

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