Friday, October 15, 2010

Ordinary Moments...Extraordinary Gifts...

Yesterday, I was struck with the ordinary day we were having and I felt extraordinarily blessed as I looked around at the littles and the messes they make.  Why did the ordinary strike me so?  I'm not sure unless its because most all of our days are ordinary days just spent with each other and that's what makes them so special.  If I don't embrace the everyday...I will be always waiting for the memorable times...and I will forget that I have the chance everyday to make memories that we all can cherish in our hearts.

our sweet excited about our thrift store find...a guryl (girl) for me

littles waking up from naps...eating cookies...and growing milk mustaches..for snack

his favorite boots...left out on the porch...makes a pretty picture next to the yellow mums


little hands...feeding one of God's creatures...giggles...and my turn now

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