Monday, May 3, 2010

Thanking Him Even When I Don't Feel Like It...

This morning I awoke a little earlier than usual with a sweet smiling girl by my side.  Thinking I could get a jump start on my day before the rest of the little ones woke up, I start folding the four loads of laundry that were spilling from the laundry basket.  It didn't take long before things began to go wrong.  I was on edge...I was annoyed that my mental to-do list wasn't getting accomplished. 

I thought about the things that had gone wrong over the course of my morning and I even shared those things with the boys.  "Mommy is frustrated because..."  I still couldn't shake the one word that kept popping into my mind in the midst of my chaos...JOY... 

So I began to take a step back and consider the things that had gone wrong.  Yes, I was frustrated.  Yes, I had a reason to be irritated..BUT...I am also called to live by the Spirit and not by my flesh.  So I am choosing to be thankful in all things...

sweet little baby...diaper falling off...soiling the floor...and her dress...BUT...I get to give her a bath hearing those sweet coos and watching her hands splash the water

little girl...forgetting to go to the potty...puddles on the floor...BUT...I take time to consider she is at the awkward stage...caught between being a baby and a big girl

breakfast smoothie...waiting for little girl to drink...she spills it all over the table and her chair...BUT...I have an abundance of delicious, healthy food to feed these little ones

my little man...complaining about tucking his pants into his mud boots..tears begin to fall...BUT...he is trying to get dressed so he can go outside and take care of his morning jobs

my oldest blessing...can't find boots...can't turn the water on to water chicks...BUT...he is trying his best

And as I was reading this post today, I find others choosing to be thankful anyways...


Melissa said...

brilliant move, Holli
i think our flesh shrinks and our enemy slinks when we can stop in those kinds of moments and give thanks
posts like this are contagious!

Holli said...

Thanks Melissa,
I didn't feel like I was dealing with the chaos very well at all. I was becoming very frustrated with the littles and it showed...But despite my frustration God began to speak to me through the messes. So my perspective in the post came about after it was all over. I was looking back on my morning and being thankful that I have a house full of littles to make messes each day!