Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour 12 and 13

We have been working on the next two outdoor nature hour challenges as we plant our garden and observe the beautiful spring wildflowers that are blooming in our area.

We took a trip to the wildflower garden located in one of our local parks.  There were are few flowers blooming.  The little ones enjoyed the bridges over the creeks much more than they enjoyed the flowers. Here they are taking a break on the little bench alongside the nature trail.

We have also planted a variety of flowers in our garden.  Some have germinated and some of the seeds got washed away with a heavy rain.  The boys chose a couple of different variety of sunflowers to plant.  The sunflowers are growing taller each day.  Here  are the boys taking a look at their sunflowers.

The boys wrote in their nature notebooks about planting the sunflower seeds.
We have observed lots of flowers and wildflowers in bloom around our yard and pasture.

field daisy
white clover flowers
purple cone flower (not blooming yet, but we planted a couple in our yard last year and they are growing.)
red clover flowers
sweet white violet
bird's foot violet
We planted: sunflowers, marigolds,  and zinnias

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