Friday, August 8, 2008

Becoming a Healthy Family Challenge #3

This week's challenge could prove to be too much for you. I would have had a problem with it a couple of years ago.

So here it is:

What is your family drinking?
Take stock of your frig and cupboards. Are you allowing yourself and your little ones to consume lots of sugary drinks or are you doing good in this area?

A couple of years ago, I stopped buying soft drinks. This was huge for me. I always drank a glass of Coca-Cola or Mt. Dew with my supper. When I finally stopped buying them I have learned to do without them.

What about fruit juices? My children used to drink lots more juice than they do now. I have been limiting juice intake to a small glass of fruit juice at breakfast and supper. The juice is not from concentrate and it is watered down as well. The rest of the day we enjoy filtered water and fresh raw milk.

I had been making an effort to make Kefir. We enjoyed grape water kefir. It can be overwhelming to keep up with. May try it again soon.

We occasionally make lemonade with water, lemon juice and a few drops of Stevia.

Tips for making the transition easier:
*Put the water in new water bottles. We have the Klean Kanteens
*We are using the Royal Berkey water filters and we love it. The boys can each go and fill their cups up with water whenever they are thirsty.
*Slice a few lemons and limes to squeeze into the water.
*Take all other options away until you have created a new healthy habit.

Here are some links about soft drinks/juice
Soft Drinks-America's Other Drinking Problem
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Still Learning,

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