Monday, July 7, 2008

Colorful Variety-Healthier Family Challenge #2

Here's a little challenge that goes right along with purchasing your fruits and vegetables at the market. How many different colors does your family eat on a given day? week?

Just for clarification, I mean how many colorful, whole, unrefined foods are you preparing for your family? yourself? Grape kool-aid and a colorful pack of Skittles or M&M's do not count:-0 We need to be providing wholesome colorful foods for the bodies that God has placed in our care.

So grab a pen and paper or post a comment on here, sharing how you are doing with eating your colors!

Boo-homemade yogurt, blackberries, boiled egg, sweet banana pepper, grapes, blueberries, herb biscuit, supper will be soup with squash, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, cabbage and rice

Bo's will be the same except no blackberries.
Shater aka Lou Lou's will be the same except no sweet banana pepper, or grapes and add banana
Mine will be the same except no sweet banana peppers
Chris will have the veggies in the soup tonight and I'm not sure if he took fruit to work.

We normally do not have that many veggies during the day. The soup I made tonight has lots of veggies. It's easy to get frustrated if you think you should eat from every color group every day. Keep a list of what you eat in a given week and see if that is easier. It gives you seven days to get your color groups eaten.


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