Monday, March 31, 2008

Lessons from Bo

Four years ago on March 15, Bo was born . Our first born little boy changed our lives forever!

I wanted to post this on his birthday, but we had had the flu and party preparations were behind, so I thought I would post it before March was over.

1. Life's no fun when your confined to your back or tummy. (Bo was a very discontent baby! As soon as he learned to walk his whole world opened up.)

2. Eat Well. (Bo has always been a big eater. He eats more than his dad at some meals. But a growing boy and a growing mind, need fuel.)

3. Don't create standards you can't live up too. (Actually that's biblical too, because its by grace we are saved through faith, not of ourselves, so no one can boast. When Bo was having some trouble with his behavior awhile back, I would say your not acting like a knight in shining armour and using your virtues. Bo said, "I'm not a knight, I'm just a boy." Boy, that made me feel terrible. Bo is just a boy and he seemed very exasperated. And I'm not supposed to exasperate my children.

4. Don't ask, if you really want help. (There have been a few times, that I have asked Bo if he could do me a favor and he says No, I'm busy right know.... Then we have to talk about the importance of helping those in need.)

5. The gospel is so easy a child can understand. (After hearing the story of Noah's Ark Bo asked me if God wanted to destroy him like he destroyed all of the other wicked people. No, I explained that's why he sent Jesus. Jesus will be our saviour when we ask him. Let's ask him mommy. I've already asked him, when you get ready you can ask him to be your saviour. I'm ready now mommy. And just like that my three year old prayed to receive Christ.

6. Mom's attitude is really bad, when its pointed out by a three year old. (It's very humbling to hear you little boy say mom are you angry or why did you go like this (blow under breath) A bad attitude is unacceptable.

What good is our service if we cancel it out with a bad attitude? We serve for God's applause, not the applause of others- Priscilla Shirer

Bo has taught me so much and I can't wait for all of the other lessons that are awaiting me...


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