Saturday, January 11, 2014

Can you believe these boys?

So the boys have been loving Turtleman lately.  We saw it a couple of times on vacation this summer.
We've been watching it on netflix lately, too.
Chris had just finished saying how he was going a little stir-crazy from bring cooped up from surgery for nearly two weeks.
I see Boo walk by the outside window like he is carrying something really heavy.
They had been out in the pasture exploring around the "snaky pond".  So far they have only been allowed around that pond during cold weather...because of all the snakes we've heard about.
I think when I see him walk by they must have found another cow skull to add to their collection.
Bo walks in about that time and says come here and see what Boo has.
I open the door and I am shocked by what I see...
I call Chris out to see what he has caught...he was just as surprised as I was.
Leave it to the boys to get daddy's mind off of being in the house for nearly two weeks;-)
I could tell daddy was beaming with pride...and of course the story cracked us up.
Bo saw the turtle and asked Boo if he wanted to catch it.
Boo asked Bo if he wanted to...Bo said, "No"
Boo assessed the situation and said, "Yes!"
Here's the story...
I saw that his head was under some ice in the pond.
So I knew he couldn't get his head up to bite me.
I saw his tail and picked him up.
See the demonstration...
Mr. Turtle was slow because he was cold.
He started to get warmed up before they got him back to the pond.
He started opening his mouth and hissing at them
Boo says he realizes that he'll be much quicker in warm weather.
He wanted to clamp his mouth shut and kiss him like turtleman...I wouldn't let him go that far;-)


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