Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 This year I decided to combine the boys for history and science.
I had always planned to keep them separate, but combining them just felt right.
After talking to daddy and praying over the decision,
I began searching for a history curriculum that we could use together.
Having someone to share learning with is so much more fun.
projects...re-enactments...cuddling for stories together...
After a lot of searching, a friend suggested Truthquest.
I immediately knew this would fit us!
our love of history...our desire to acknowledge God as the author...our love of literature...
We began our journey through Truthquest in August of this year.
We are in no hurry...we like to take our time...to savor the books...working on our notebooks as we go along.
This week we began Jamestown.
We started with a documentary on Jamestown.
This is the first time we have watched a documentary before our new topic.
I really liked doing it this way...the boys seemed so much more excited.
My favorite part of all is watching the boys go dress up and re-enact what we read.
They even built a model Jamestown Fort out of Lincoln Logs
The Pilgrims at Plymouth are up next.
I wonder if we'll get there by Thanksgiving?
The Fort at Jamestown
Jamestown Explorers

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