Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surprise Nature Study

One thing I love about nature study is that it can happen so unexpectedly.  We can be going about our normal routines and suddenly find something very interesting to sketch and study.  A few nights ago I was feeding the dogs outside and I spotted a large, beautiful moth on the front porch.  I quickly called to the boys, because they love to catch all kind of creatures to observe.

The boys brought their net to daddy and we soon had a beautiful moth waiting to study the next morning.

We were excited to learn that this was the type of moth that comes from the caterpillar we had tried to overwinter.  We posted here about this fun caterpillar.  It is called a Polyphemus moth.  The boys sketched the moth and then let it go in the woods.


Amanda said...

This is my favorite thing about nature study too.

What I love even more is when my children find something and are sooo excited to come find me and show me...even it's a pile of poo:)

Such a pretty moth!

Holli said...

My kiddos are always running in screaming for me to come quickly! I think someones hurt themselves, but it is usually a creature they have found:-)

Carissa said...

What a sweet post, and a beautiful moth!!

I love unexpected nature studies too!!!! It thrills me to see my children so excited about them!