Thursday, January 6, 2011

Autumn Tree Study

I'm a little late in posting a few of our last nature studies for 2010.  We waited almost too late to complete the autumn study of our dogwood tree.  There were only a handful of bright red leaves leaves left on the tree.  It really was beautiful when all of the leaves had just begun to turn colors, but we didn't do the study then. 

We looked the tree over and spent some time remembering what it had looked like in the spring and summer.
The boys did a good job recalling the blooms in the spring and the thick, bright green leaves of summer.  Here are a few of the prettiest leaves left on the tree before it becomes brown and bare this winter...(it already is:-)
What we heard...a gentle breeze blowing through the trees
What we saw...a few red and green leaves left...lots a red berries
What we felt...the rough bark, crunchy leaves and smooth berries

Here is Bo's drawing of our one remaining red dog wood leaf and branch with bright, red berries.

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