Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beginning Reading Instruction Part 2

After our inital lesson at learning the words from the first page of, The Little Red Hen by sight, we worked on the word families associated with the words for a couple of days.

We learned the -ed, -eed, -en, -eat, and -ound word families. The initial lessons took a couple of days. We spent about three more days in review. We made our own books using the new words, we made lots of new sentences with the word cards and we did word work on the wipe board. (I would write the word and Bo would change the first letter to make the new word I read.)

We have since learned the words from the second and third pages of the story and he is getting much better at blending the word families.

At first he was guessing when he came to a word he did not know. I asked him to look for anything familiar in the word. He would find the part he new and add the new sounds. After instructing him a couple of time he doesn't seem to guess as much.

I am proud of his progress and he is so excited to be on the road to reading.


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