Monday, September 8, 2008

A Natural Awakening

When we decided to provide our children with plenty of quiet growing time outdoors, I often wondered when their natural curiosity about learning to read and write would begin to surface.

Lest anyone think we have only played outside and not enjoyed any learning that would be an inaccurate perception. Here's a better look at what I have been doing with my children

Reading has always been an enjoyable activity for us as a family. My Bo especially loves to read and would listen to story after story. He began to love to listen to chapter books around 3 1/2 years old. I have read the Boxcar Children, Little House in the Big Woods, Charlotte's Web, and we are currently reading The Burgess Seashore Book for Children.

Bo has many favorite picture books as well. I have tried to get rid of all stories that relate to any television or Disney characters. I have gotten rid of over half of my books from my school teaching days. We have chosen to include many of the books from the Ambleside Year 0 list on our bookshelf.

We have also enjoyed drawing together with our crayons or pencils. As I draw things I will always label them. Bo and Boo will ask what that word says or what is that letter. Bo is left handed so he has never seemed to have very good fine motor skills. We decided to never push him to hold a pencil or try to write or draw. So I have been waiting patiently for Bo to display an interest in writing.

During family worship couple of weeks ago Bo said he wanted to learn about Abraham and began drawing a stick figure to represent Abraham with lines going out as in a family tree and he added Ishmael and Isaac. The figures were so cute that tears welled up in my eyes. Chris and I were so proud. That was the first time he had really drawn anything discernible.

He has now began to write letters. that are recognizable and he is trying to write his name. His interest in letters and their sounds is increasing rapidly. The other day he wanted to now what my name would be if we took the h off of the front. We said olli and he laughed and laughed. He had gotten a pack of Skittles at church and wanted to now what it said if we covered up the s and then the k. Kittles and ittles made Bo laugh as well.

All of this major interest in letters has surfaced within the last month or so. It is a culmination of the gentle exposure to books that he loves to read and paper and writing utensils for exploration that has brought Bo to this point.

I am so glad that I have not pressured him to memorize letters and try to write them. It is fascinating to watch him develop at his own pace.

Still Learning

Coming soon a look into our daily routines and circle time.

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