Monday, August 11, 2014

Sewing Camp Fun...

Miss LouLou and Little Bitty participated in summer sewing camp this year.
This was Miss LouLou's second year.
Last year I went with her and helped her make lots of stitches.
She couldn't quite hold the project and make the stitches too.
After a year of practice at home, she was Miss Independent this year!
She wanted to complete each project all by herself.
She did a fabulous job with each project but she was a little slow because she insisted on doing everything from start to finish.

It was good that LouLou was independent because Little Bitty required my undivided attention.
This was her first year and she loved picking out fabric and buttons but those little hands could not hold the material and do stitches at the same time.  When momma held the material she was only good for about ten stitches before it was my turn.  I know she learned a lot and she will be on the road to becoming Miss Independent next year!

On Friday, they had a show and tell and MawMaw Tina came and looked at all of the beautiful things they has made...

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