Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Bitty

Look who turned 5!
We are so proud of our Little Bitty.
Here are five things I love about you...
1.)You have a contagious smile that can light up a room.
2.)You asked me the other day if you were still my little girl and did I love you..
Of course you are. and why sure I do ever so much more than you know.
3.) I can tell you enjoy gardening and helping out in the kitchen, you seem to be willing to lend a helping hand whenever I need one!
4.)  You get very weepy sometimes at night when you are tired.  Talking about how you don't want to grow up and you always want to be our little girl.
5.)  You have a tender heart that doesn't like to see animals hurt.

What you enjoy at five...
playing dolls with your sisters
riding the four wheeler when daddy will let you
watching Curious George
learning about herbs with Herb Fairies
doing our Annie Manners book together.
snuggling with mommy at movie time
reading stories
collecting things for your nature notebook

Some interesting facts about you...
You are the best supper eater of all the girls.
You are afraid of bears and robbers at night.
Your hair tangles worse than your sisters
We took you to target and you picked out a doll for your birthday.
You chose to go out to eat at a Japanese Steakhouse for your birthday supper.
You wanted a pink birthday cake

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