Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. Ten-year-old!

I can hardly believe this young man is ten!
 This year you didn't want a big party for your birthday...
you just wanted to fish.
So we took off for a long weekend to our Uncles and fish we did!
and rode 4-wheelers and Kubotas
and played hide and seek in the big old barn
and watched you all get nasty sliding down the lime pile
and jumping on the hay bales
What a fun time!!!

Uh-Oh is little brother showing you up?
Wow...look at that fish!  You caught some big ones too...I just happened to have my camera for his big catch!
 One day you'll teach little brother all about it, but for know he likes wagon rides...
Miss Little Bitty really was a very patient fisherman, but no fish this time for her...
breakfast in the swing...
sisters playing on the trampoline...
What a fun tenth birthday weekend!
We love you big brother!!!

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