Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

Miss Neenzie turned 2 on Valentine's Day.
What a special day for a special girl to have a birthday.
Neenzie loved the cake the most.
The presents were all about....keeping Neenzie entertained during school time.
They only work if I get them out and make her play with them for a little while.
She does best in my lap or strapped in her stroller watching Signing Time.
These little fingers explore and destroy when given the chance...
she can break crayons...and pictures her brothers and sisters have drawn...and glass jars mommy's lotion is stored in...and hairbows she is wearing...
but they can also reach for me to hold her and pat my back when we hug;-)
Some cute things she says...
Paint my fingertails
not right now(because apparently I say this all of the time)
She adds..a wittle lots of phrases
I'm finished a wittle bit
I'm hungry a wittle bit
I don't like it a wittle bit
Happy Birthday Neenzie!
We love you so much!

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