Friday, March 30, 2012

March Birthday Boy....

This boy...
turned 8 on March 15
we celebrated a few days later with a hotdog/marshmallow roast 
he requested his mommy's cupcakes
he attended his party with a face full of poison oak
that he had gotten from turkey hunting
this was a big year...his first over night hunting trip with his Pop
no, he didn't kill one...but he did see and hear some
which was exciting for him.
We love you so much buddy!
You are such a helpful boy and a loving brother.
You love reading with a flashlight before you go to sleep at night.
You love re-enacting history...
You love my homemade pizza and hotwings...and cupcakes
You love Jesus!
Your learning to play the guitar...
You love Legos...
You love frogs and polliwogs and lizards and salamanders and white-faced bumble bees...
You love exploring the woods
and your become a great little fisherman.
We are so honored to be your mom and dad
We Love You!

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