Monday, February 13, 2012

New Mercies...

46.  playing Candyland with LouLou...again and again until she wins
47.  Teaching LouLou how to draw an acorn in her nature notebook...watching her smile proud
48.  His playful looks and silly glances among the routine of the night
49.  girls scrambling to stand on a bucket to help cut out biscuits for supper
50.  That boy excited over something he's made...we wants me to capture it with a photo.
51.  the cool early morning breeze...running through my hair
52.  water dripping from the roof after a night of rain
53.  a hawk calling in the early morning
54.  Little Boy rescuing moth from the watery grave of the toilet
55.  chubby fingers...rubber band wrists...fingering the book I am reading in the early morning
56.  Little Bitty painting on herself more than on the paper.
57.  watching him tools in hand...crawl under the van...working hard...figuring out the problem
58.  supper waiting for us on the stove as we return from a day of riding around together.
59.  Miss LouLou coming to me tonight reaching up for me to hold her
60.  That girl always trying to convince someone to scratch her back.
61.  Our tiny miss taking those first few wobbly steps...a big smile on her face
62.  The way she crawls around after hold her...those arms out-stretched...that grin irresistible
63.  Grandmother...reminiscing her childhood...sharing family history with us
64.  A house finch perching on the window peering into the kitchen.
65.  Sitting on the couch with him this morning...each reading our own thing...but we were together
66.  Little one resting in my arms as I bounce her...head falls over in sweet sleep.
67.  That Little Bitty...giggling in the driveway...her laugh is so contagious
68.  crying little one...whining...generally unhappy...I decide to thank God for the opportunity to be patient when I don't feel like it.

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