Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nature Study With The Girls...

Miss LouLou has suddenly began asking almost everyday if we can go on a nature walk.
Her enthusiasm excites me:-)
We created a nature notebook for her awhile back.
Now we are slowly beginning to add sketches from our nature time together.
So far we haven't followed any lessons.  We've just walked outside until we find something of interest.
Like a cricket
or Plantain

Here we are collecting leaves in the woods.
Miss LouLou was very excited to see the surprise when she rubbed her crayon over her page.

We were blowing bubbles today and a ladybug landed on my hand.  That led to a story about ladybugs and a drawing in our nature notebooks.
This afternoon while baby sisters were napping she asked to go one a nature walk again.
 That walk ended with finding the seeds from the goldenrod and marigold plants left in the yard.
I showed her how to save the seeds from the marigolds and told her we could plant them in the spring.

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