Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Starting with Sketch Tuesday

I am very slowly making plans for a little more school in our schedule since the garden is about gone.  So yesterday, I headed over to Harmony Art Mom to read all about Sketch Tuesday.  Her challenge was sketching something that you would see in a restaurant.  I didn't exactly follow that idea because I had some perfect fruit in the kitchen that needed to be sketched before we devoured it.  I had purchased some water color pencils at Hobby Lobby and the kiddos were ready to put them to use.  I really loved how easy they were to use.  I thought the boys did a wonderful job sketching.  It had been awhile since we had practiced sketching and I thought Bo did exceptionally well.  Boo sketched the pear and tiger melon all by himself and mommy helped him sketch the pineapple.
Here is Bo's sketching.
 Here is Boo's sketching

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