Saturday, June 28, 2008

Becoming a Healthier Family Challenge #1

As promised here is the first challenge in my new series Becoming a Healthier Family.

For the next couple of weeks I want you to work on buying as much locally grown produce from sustainable farms as possible. I am allowing two weeks for some of the challenges because I know how overwhelming it can be to change a family's eating habits. A great place to find locally grown organic food is Local Harvest.

*Plan a menu for the week. Remember to include an array of fresh fruits and vegetables that are currently in season in your area.
*Make a list of the fruits and vegetables you will need.
*Visit your local farmer's market and see how many items you can find that are on your list.
*Take time to talk with the farmers about their farming practices. You will probably make some new friends while you are there. I value the friendship we have made with a local sustainable farming couple that we met at our local market. We purchased a CSA share with them this year.
*Visit your local farmer's market and buy lots of fresh produce and then come home and plan your meals around your finds.

Here is an article about why eating organic food may be especially beneficial to children.

Here is a guide that lists the dirty dozen. These fruits and vegetables should be purchased organically whenever possible.

Here is the website to the book I have recently finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. This is the account of a family who made a commitment to eat only what they could grow or buy locally for one year.

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