Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothering Has Changed Me

As the day to appreciate mothers has come and gone, I am compelled to think how appreciative I am for the opportunity to be a mother. Mothering has changed me in more ways than I realize, I am sure.

I stand in complete awe that God would choose to reward me with three of the most beautiful children in the world. It is humbling to realize that God saw something in me that he knew he could use to train these precious lives up to know and follow him. As I sit in the quietness of this moment I am struck with the magnitude of the job he has given me to do. A job so important it takes every minute of the day...preparing my heart, training them alongside me, turning their hearts to the word, laughing, loving, just being...here together.

When I think of my life I am reminded that my actions speak much more loudly than any word I could utter.

Can I teach my children to be passionate about a personal relationship with God, if I never lift my voice in praise and my hands in worship?

Can I teach my little ones to serve others with a joyful heart, if I do not fix their meals, bathe them, or clean their messes with a smile on my face?

Will I really teach them that people are important if I shoo them away while I cook, clean, read or blog?

Am I giving my children a beautiful picture of the way a marriage is supposed to look like? Do I smile at and joke with their daddy? Do I hug and cuddle with their daddy? I must make my children hungry for a beautiful godly marriage! Then, they may see the importance of waiting for that someone God has just for them.

Do I treat my children the way I want them to treat my grandchildren? Those little hands will one day train up the next generation. Do I speak to Chris in the way that I would want baby girl speaking to her husband? That little mouth has the power to bless a husband one day. It also has the power to tear a home down. Am I teaching those little ones to properly care for their bodies and God's creation? For that is my responsibility also...stewardship...it's really each person's responsibility, but how will they learn if I do not teach? More importantly, how will they learn if I do not show?

Yes, mothering has changed me, humbled me, brought out the best and the worst in me. It has been the tool that God has used to chisel away what does not belong in my life. He has used it to reveal the character that he wants me to clothe myself with daily. And for that I am so very grateful.


Corinna said...

It seems like whenever I read your blog you write about something that helps me with the things I have been struggling with such as being more joyful in the Lord and showing that joy to my children. Or really listening to Maddie and stop what I'm doing instead of saying "That's great, honey" and continuing my task.
I believe that the Lord is using you and your blog to speak to other women. You have been a great friend and a wonderful example of a Godly Woman to me. We always enjoy spending time with you guys. Keep up the great blogging!

Nicole said...

I wanted to agree with what Corinna said. I believe the Lord is using your blog to speak to other women who might be struggling with the same things as you are blogging about. I have to say many times in reading these I have been reflecting on my own mothering and thinking of changes I can be making. You are a great example of what God wants all of us wives and mothers to be!