Friday, December 28, 2007

December Gifts

21. A thunderstorm waking me this morning. (Thank you Lord for the rain)

22. Excited faces on Christmas morning.

23. A shared meal with new friends.

24. The ability to learn and the availablity of knowledge to care for my family.

25. Walking up on a deer and seeing him leap across the creek.

26. Warm herb biscuits from the oven.

27. Jeb remembering what each advent candle stands for.

28. Reading Havve You Seen My Duckling? with Caleb.

29. Covering the boys with leaves and hearing "Mommy do it again."

30. Muddy hands and dirty shoes

31. Dreams given by the dreamgiver (God)

32. Farm-fresh eggs

33. Lora's wet kisses and happy coos.

34.An overheard "I'm sorry, will you forgive me." from Jeb to Caleb.

35. A sweet snuggle under a warm blanket

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