Friday, December 18, 2009

Loving his gifts...

little boy the crack of dawn...bursting into the bedroom...declaring his love...Do you know how much I love ya'll?...I love you as big as the house...I love you as big as a big guitar that reaches from here to China...I love you as much as a big houses that stretches to where the penguins live

fire blazing...warming our home...homemade bread and rolls rising on the mantel

an array of in the pot...stew for supper

chubby baby legs...wobbly...learning to stand

little ones I read The Nutcracker

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life with our two year old...

Here she is wearing the superman shirt for our dog about 5 minutes after she slathered lotion all over baby sister's head;)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Baking

Today was the day I had planned to do some baking for Christmas gifts. We decided to make a double batch of Molasses Cookies to give away with a our Christmas cards. The children worked busily on coloring pictures for all of the neighbors while I gathered the ingredients. With my nursling in her wrap we began the baking day. The boys were eager to help and we were off to a good start. ( I must add that my nerves were already a bit frazzeled because of a disagreeable two year old)

The ingredients were being dumped in the bowl correctly, the egg shells were staying out of the batter and all were taking turns when Lou Lou falls off of the chair flat onto her back. My nursling was strapped on tight and I couldn't check on Lou Lou as quickly as I would have liked. I headed to the couch to unwrap the baby (who immediately started crying) I go back to the kitchen to check on Lou Lou and give her a kiss. We finished the rest of the cookies with a crying baby in the walker beside the table.

As the cookies are baking the boys head outside to help daddy build a birdhouse for a Christmas gift. I sign the cards and bag the cookies to deliver to the neighbors.

When everyone is awake from nap we deliver the cookies to the neighbors. We had several nice visits and the day ended pleasantly.

So there you have it...sometimes everything does not always run smoothly in our household;)

My nursling crying because I took her out of the sling.

Lou Lou and Boo helping bake the cookies

The kids drawing pictures and making cards for the neighbors.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reflecting on His Gifts

Baby breath...wet kisses...wobbly legs learning to stand

My nursling peacefully sleeping by my side in the dark.


brothers...romping...building...just being buddies

Counting down the days till Christmas by the light of the tree

Snuggling together in mommy and daddy's bed...reading

hearing the squeals of delight from little ones as daddy walks in the door from work