Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Enjoying Gifts from Above

baby rolls, hiccups and kicks...growing life within...imagining what she will look like...who will she favor

boys eyes bright...giggles...gasps of amazement as little sister kicks them during storytime as they lean against my belly

attentive ears...wide eyes...as we finish a chapter book we have been reading

little girl...learning to praise...howy howy howy...ward God awmighty

brothers...outside in the early morning after a rain...using binoculars to watch the birds...

early morning snuggles...bed full of little ones

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bo!

Bo turned five years old yesterday! He has grown into such a wise and discerning little boy. We are so proud of the man he will one day become. His insight is keen and his memory astounds us almost daily. He is getting ready to begin some lessons. He keeps asking when he can start homeschool. We'll probably do a relaxed year of slowly learning to read and write his letters. I cannot believe he is the age of the children I taught in Kindergarten. He still seems so young and innocent to me. I could never imagine sending him away to school for 8 hours everyday. I would be lost and so would Boo and Lou-Lou.

Living By the Spirit

broken computer...

three little hands with splinters...

a gallon of water spilled on the floor...

atmosphere ripe for tension...patience could be lost at any moment... but for this moment we choose to let His Spirit live through us...we choose calmness instead of lost self-control...we choose gentle words instead if impatient ones.

Oh, how I always want to make this decision. When the times are trying...living beyond any response that is gnawing to come out of my mouth...those emotions welling up within...letting Christ respond through me. It feels so much better in the end. Hearts are left whole...relationships are spared...tears are left for another day

Still learning,
Holli...who is going to begin a study of the fruits of the spirit...daily learning how to let him live through me