Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Relaxing

A trip to my uncle's farm always equals relaxation.
We spent labor day weekend
fishing, riding ATV's, going to yard sales and grilling out.
The littles enjoyed a game of marbles...
Pop taught them how to play the game he enjoyed as a child...

And the day was completed with a duck caught on a fishing hook.
The wing was snagged after the duck swam into the line.
Here's a pic of everyone helping the duck.  No harm done, but it took three men holding the duck down to free the hook!

Monday, September 2, 2013


We took a mini-vacation to Barry's farm.
Always such fun fishing, riding in the pastures, and spending some time going to yard sales with my love.
On Labor Day, mom and dad came up.  We found a jar of marbles in the shed and dad spent some time teaching the little ones how to play.

During the fun fishing time dad accidentally hooked a duck in the wing.
Here we all are trying to help get the hook out.
The duck was fine.  Those wings have some very tough skin.